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Hi, I'm Ali, full time independent CV Consultant and work from home mum. I specialise in CVs, cover letters and personal statements and my aim is to help you - to fulfil your ambitions and achieve your career goals. Whether that means helping you apply for a new job or University course, helping you to improve your web content to increase your audience engagement or helping you to write more effective letters to your customers, I will happily work with you to create the perfect tone and style.

I consider myself really lucky. I spent 16 years in the communications industry, developing my writing skills and wishing I could spend more time at home with my children. So when that opportunity came along I grabbed it with both hands and a big smile!

Helping people to write great CVs, cover letters, suitability statements and University applications is what I love to do – my perfect job. I have a passion for words that deserves to be nurtured and an instinctive 'feel' for people, which allows me to always find the right pitch. I want to share my skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise. I want to help you to feel lucky; to grab those amazing opportunities and to find or perfect your niche. So, whatever you need, why not Let Me Write it for you...

Let Me Write - CVs

Not getting interviews? Could your CV be the cause of the problem? With more people than ever before applying for each job, it’s imperative that your CV stands out and shouts ‘Look at me!’


Please get in touch if you’d like me to review and upgrade your existing CV, or even start again from scratch. Don’t let your CV hold you back;  Let Me Write it for you…

Let Me Write - Cover Letters


A cover letter is a vital component of any successful job application - simply because it's read first. Your CV could be amazing but if your cover letter lacks punch the recruiter will have already made negative assumptions before he, or she, even gets that far. 


You need a great cover letter to complement your CV and sell you effectively. Don't let your cover letter hold you back - Let Me Write it for you...

Let Me Write - Personal Statements


Whether you're applying for a job or a university placement, a personal statement is your chance to shine; showcase your skills, outline your personal attributes and WOW! people with your happy go lucky, yet innately professional personality.

If you need a cleverly worded statement that matches your aspirations then get in touch and Let Me Write it for you...


I’m a genuine, caring and passionate Mum with two amazing little boys. I’ve started my own business because I want to help people and because I want to show my boys that anything is possible with a bit of hard work and determination. I have some exceptional skills – I’m experienced and accurate with perfect spelling and grammar but first and foremost, above any and all skills and assets, I really value the power of just being nice.

If you choose me you’re making a choice based on my experience, my expertise and my genuine desire to help people. I’ve worked in a professional and demanding Customer Service environment for 16 years. I have extensive knowledge of customer experience, end to end customer journeys, audience differentiation, tailored language use and research skills. I keep up to date with all the latest developments in CV presentation, copy writing and client/employer preferences and I have experience on the receiving end of the recruitment process.


Email: info@letmewrite.uk

Phone: 07875 000 950