Why we do what we do (and what we actually do!)

Our journey started one late summer evening in 2015. We were sat on the beach with a little driftwood fire burning, discussing job seeking over a bottle (or two) of wine. I’d just been made redundant and we were talking about what the future looked like - get another job, or find a niche for self-employment (something I’d always dreamed of)?

As the wine flowed, so too did the ideas - some were reasonable but unambitious, some were exciting but unattainable, and others were just totally ludicrous!

Fast forward 7 years...

Let Me Write CVs have been providing pitch perfect CVs/Resumes across all industries for the last 7 years and we have 99.76% positive feedback across all platforms. We’ve worked with almost 900 unique clients, and we have expertise in recruitment language, ATS optimisation, civil service competencies, CV, cover letter and personal statement writing. We’ve also got big plans for the future including the introduction of live teaching sessions, (all thanks to that rather blurry night of planning in the pub).

Don't come to us expecting a stuffy, professional service - we're not like that at all, we love to chat, we ask loads of questions, we make suggestions and we can be really straight talking when something isn't quite right! Don’t let that put you off though, if you’re ready to cut the crap and start making applications that are targeted and effective, then we’re ready to help.

Eventually the talk turned to the intricacies of applying for those dream jobs. I’d spent some time before redundancy mentoring my colleagues in optimising opportunities. I’d found it quite unsettling to realise that most people felt they were at a disadvantage because of ‘competition’. Many people talked in clichés about needing to apply for hundreds of jobs to get one interview, and genuinely believed they lacked the skills to write an effective CV.

Whether it was the wine, or the fire, or the sound of the sea... I suddenly had a brave but reckless idea for a little business that just might add some value to some people... so naturally, we moved on to the pub to put together a business plan in comfort!

Your questions are ALWAYS welcomed; here at Let Me Write CVs we believe in power through information and we're more than happy to take the time to explain CV psychology and optimisation; giving you the information you need for future developments. We get a bit annoyed with the concept of intellectual property - the knowledge we've accrued is something we'll happily share to make your life easier and to improve your understanding of how to optimise your recruitment chances. Even if you're not sure where to go next with your career, give us a shout - we'll look at your skills and experiences and give you as much guidance as we can.

To kick start our work together you'll be asked to provide your existing CV and fill in a brief personality profile questionnaire for the sharing of basic information; you’ll also be required to provide a sense of direction and an overview of your career plan/next move so that the CV/resume can be tailored to the appropriate industry requirements. Don’t worry if you don’t have a CV to share with us, we can start right from the beginning and make your first CV pitch perfect.

Please keep in mind that waiting times can vary from 5 to 10 working days depending on our workload so we’d rather you gave us plenty of notice, although we’ll always do our best to accommodate even short notice projects where we can.