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Freelance Writer and CV Specialist


PHONE: 07875 000 950

Professional CV review - FREE

Professional CV creation, rewrite or revision – from £68

Personal statement for job application – from £42

Personal statement for University application – from £42

Cover letter – from £32

Competency writing and/or interview question examples – £34 per hour

LinkedIn profile upgrade – £34 per hour

Personal correspondence – £34 per hour

Proof reading and editing - £34 per hour


All listed prices are guidelines only; a personalised quote will be provided on enquiry.


I’m a genuine, caring and passionate Mum with two amazing little boys. I’ve started my own business because I want to help people and because I want to show my boys that anything is possible with a bit of hard work and determination. I have some exceptional skills – I’m experienced and accurate with perfect spelling and grammar but first and foremost, above any and all skills and assets, I really value the power of just being nice.

If you choose me you’re making a choice based on my experience, my expertise and my genuine desire to help people. I’ve worked in a professional and demanding Customer Service environment for 16 years. I have extensive knowledge of customer experience, end to end customer journeys, audience differentiation, tailored language use and research skills. I keep up to date with all the latest developments in CV presentation, copy writing and client/employer preferences and I have experience on the receiving end of the recruitment process.



Phone: 07875 000 950